Welcome friends! We are Okavark Pendants. We collect and gather various gemstones and substantially harvest our many species of wood. Each pendant is unique from one another.  It is our mission to bring the fallen wood back to life, affixing it with a beautiful crystal to bring joy  and spirituality to your everyday life. We are a 3 person crew, working everyday to bring light on preserving nature. Browse our shop for our intricate talismans.


We are full time artists with a full time vision.


Valentines day spent in the woods

We spent a few hours today gathering fallen wood which will replenish our pendant inventory beautifully. Happy Valentines day from OKAVARK PENDANTS. ALL new inventory coming to you soon!

Lapidary Day

We spend a large portion of our day today working on shaping and carving minerals and gemstones for our upcoming pendants. There is a true art in forming a rough stone and turning it into a hand carved cabochon.

Super Stoked about Electric Forest 2018

We are so excited for this year’s Electric Forest Music Festival that is going to yet again be two, insanely epic, full weekends of musical bliss.  The event takes place in beautiful, and yet quaint, Rothbury, Michigan June 21st – 24th and June 28th – July 1st, 2018. Find us in the Forest!


Hi, The best way to contact us is via our email address, just click this link and send us a mail.